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Thank you for choosing to book your party with us.

Before we begin, please read the following information and our
frequently asked questions.

Our Birthday parties are ideal for those looking to have between 10 and 20 children as guests.
If you would like more you may call us and discuss our affordable private rental options.


Your party will last during the entire skating session. Example: If you book a party on a Saturday Afternoon, the party is from 1pm to 4pm, Sunday Afternoon the party is from 2pm to 5pm.

Party Area

You are reserving a party during our public skate session. Your party will last for the entire skating session, with a 45 minute reservation in our party area where you will be served your food, drinks, and you may bring your own birthday dessert. Please be prompt since we normally have many parties scheduled during each skate session and because of that we cannot extend your time in the party room. We will send you your table time with your confirmation letter.

Package and Date Selection

If your desired date is closer then 10 days away,
please call us at 440.366.6649 or email


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Estimated Availabiltiy
Package Selection:
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(Price above is minimum package price for 9 guests + the birthday child and does not include extra guests or food)
NOTE: Your party is NOT confirmed until we have contacted you and sent your full confirmation letter.

The availability above is only an estimate - your desired date may not be available. In this case we will contact you with alternative dates. If you would like to provide a second choice date, please do so in the Notes section below.

Available Times for Public Parties:
  • Friday: 7:30pm to 11pm (Select Friday Night Package)
  • Saturday: 1pm to 4pm (Afternoon Prices)
  • Saturday: 6:30pm to 9:30pm (Retro Night)(Select Saturday Evening Package)
  • Sunday: 2pm to 5pm (Afternoon Prices) (Available Labor Day - Mothers Day)

Guest of Honor, Guest Count and Food Selection

Birthday Child(ren) Name:
Birthday Child(ren) Age(s):

Song Request:


All guests receive the same Food/Drink item.
If there are food allergies, please let us know in the notes section below.


Inlines: (Regular Roller Skates come with every party, however if you would like to add the option of Roller Blades to your party you may. Otherwise those guests who wish to have Roller Blades will be charged $3)

Guest Parents: (Parents who wish to come in and watch their children during the party, are free of charge. If they wish to skate, we charge a reduced admission and skate rental if they need it. Select this option if you would like to cover the parents admission and skate rental)
I would like to cover the cost for:

Extra Food / Items

Remember: EVERY guest that is counted towards the party package will receive 1 slice of pizza or hot dog, and 1 small drink. Ordering extras allows you to give guests extra food or to allow parents of the guests to get food and drinks. The snackbar is open the entire skate session for additional purchases.
Extra Tokens (Each Guest starts with 2) x $0.25 ea
Extra Cheese Pizza: (Serves 8)   x $12.00 ea
Extra Pepperoni Pizza:**
(Serves 8)
  x $12.00 ea
Extra Pitchers:
(Serves 8, 12oz Cups)
  x $6.00 ea
Extra Chips:   x $0.75 ea
Estimated Total Cost of Extras:
Other Extra: (eg. Pretzels, Hotdogs, nachos, etc)
All Extra Food will be served during your 45 minutes in the party area.

**We cannot guarantee that Pepperoni Pizza will be in stock. In that case extra pizzas will be Cheese.

Guest List and Notes

To make entry to your party smooth for all guests, a guest list, with the names of ANY person (typically children) you are willing to count towards your final guest count, is required before we can let anyone in for your party.

If you do NOT have all of the names or a final list at this time, you may email us or edit your reservation from the user portal closer to the date of the party. It really helps us if it is emailed or entered the evening before your party.

Guest List
Please use one line per guest.

If you have any questions, comments, etc.. this is the place to leave that message.

Referral Code?

If you were given a referral code by friends or family enter it below.


Party Contract

Please read the following carefully and initial stating that you agree to the terms.

  • Your party will last during the entire skating session. Example: If you book a party on a Saturday Afternoon, the party is from 1pm to 4pm.
  • You will have 45 minutes in the party area and the rest will be spent skating or playing arcade games.
  • Seating in the party room is only guarenteed for PAID party guests only.
  • There may be multiple parties in the party area at the same time slot as your party.

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